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Napoleonic Miniature Wargames Society of Toronto - (Databases & Resources)
Title Napoleonic Miniature Wargames Society of Toronto
Resource Type  Dataset
Alternate Title  War of 1812: Niagara Campaign
Creator  Raimund Bubelis
Notes  Though our primary focus is the campaigns and battles of the Napoleonic Wars, we maintain an avid and fervent interest in the events, actions, and personae surrounding the War of 1812 and more specifically, the events that took place in the Niagara Peninsula.
We have participated as spectators in War of 1812 area re-enactments since 2001, documenting these events with schedules (where applicable), photographs, video clips, and historical background information. Our attendance at upcoming re-enactment events will be chronicled
As well, we continue to support the published works and ongoing efforts of Robert Malcomson, a noted historian of the War of 1812. We value the relationship that has been built and appreciate and applaud the great steps he has taken to shed much needed light on the conflict.
Subject  War of 1812
Audience  General
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