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Collapse list of Frequently Asked Questions in Heritage Portal Frequently Asked Questions
1.  Can I hear the bells playing at the Rainbow Carillon Tower?
2.  Can you tell me about the legend of the White Canoe?
3.  Does the water going over Niagara Falls just stop?
4.  Have the Falls ever been turned off?
5.  How did Luna Island get its name?
6.  How did Niagara Falls come to be known as the "Honeymoon Capital" of the world?
7.  How did Niagara Falls get its name?
8.  How high are the Falls?
9.  How long did the War of 1812 last ?
10.  How many barrel riders have attempted to go through the Whirlpool Rapids?
11.  How many bells are there in the Carillon Tower?
12.  How many people have walked across the Niagara Gorge?
13.  How many stunters have gone over the Canadian Horseshoe Falls?
14.  How much water goes over the Falls and how fast does it go?
15.  How much water is diverted from the Falls and the Niagara River to make hydro electricity?
16.  How old are the Falls?
17.  How old is Queen Victoria Park?
18.  How tall is the Rainbow Carillon Tower?
19.  I have heard that there are names inscribed on the bells at the Rainbow Carillon Tower. Is this true ?
20.  Is it true that the Niagara River flows in a different direction to most other rivers?
21.  Is Niagara Falls one of the seven wonders of the world?
22.  What are the names of the two men who were stranded on the old scow?
23.  What can you tell me about Stamford Green?
24.  What is the history of Stamford Township?
25.  What is the oldest known photograph of Niagara Falls?
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