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CBC Archives - From Honeymoon City to Hydro City - (Databases & Resources)
Title CBC Archives - From Honeymoon City to Hydro City
Resource Type  Moving Image
Creator  CBC
Contributor  Marsh, Bruce
  Burwash, Gordon
Notes  Broadcast date: August 25th 1957 ; duration 3:43 min ;
Subject  Hydro electric power niagara falls history city
Agency/Org.   CBC
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Description  "Since 1896 the falls have also provided hydroelectric power to residents on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border. With a new 1957 agreement between Ontario and the state of New York, the falls will become the single biggest power supplier in the world. And, as the CBC's Bruce Marsh reports, the view of the falls will remain as breathtaking as ever." -- CBC



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