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Royal Niagara Military Institute (RNMI) - (Organizations & Agencies)
Agency/Org.  Royal Niagara Military Institute (RNMI)
Mailing Address  The Royal Niagara Military Institute
22 Timber Lane
St. Catharines, ON
L2N 7R7
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Description  The Royal Niagara Military Institute (RNMI) is an association of individuals, comprised of serving officers, retired officers, other retired military members from the ranks and civilians with specific military interest.
Notes  The Royal Niagara Military Institute provides a forum for maintaining an interest in current affairs, particularly with regard to military matters. Niagara has a rich and significant military history which dates back more than 200 years to Butler's Rangers. The RNMI helps to perpetuate our past and provides support for the Niagara-based military units and voicing support of militia units and cadet corps located within the region. The RNMI also acts to provide symbolic and physical presence at military and historical events held within the region.

The RNMI is one of several United Services Institutes (USIs) and Military Institutes in Canada. The RNMI is able to express views and opinions to the Minister of National Defence.

The RNMI meets regularly on the third Wednesday of the month at the Officers' Mess of The Lincoln and Welland Regiment at the St. Catharines Armoury on Lake St. at the corner of Welland Ave. There are no meetings held during June, July, August and December.



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